Coastal Carolina Christmas 2010 is lit nightly through Friday, December 31, 2010!
The show consists of 4 parts:

1. Pre-show
2. Show
3. After Show
4. Overnight

The Pre-Show comes on at 5:00 each night, and runs for an hour until 6:00.  During the Pre-Show, portions of the lights are on in a steady state with music playing in the background.

The Pre-Show leads directly into the

SHOW!  The show comes on at 6:00 every night and runs varying hours depending on the day of the week, and special hours both Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.  The show is the main event, where the lights and music are choreographed together creating a spectacular display of the Christmas spirit.  This year's show runs approximately 36 minutes, and repeats throughout the evening until the scheduled stop time.

Following the Show is the After Show.  During this portion of the evening leading up to midnight each night, the portions of lights that were on during the Pre-Show will once again be lit, but this time there will be no background music.

And a tradition for several years at Coastal Carolina Christmas, each night, from midnight all through the night and early morning hours until 6 AM, the star will remain lit atop the tree.
Schedule located below descriptions

         Pre-Show:  5:00 until 6:00

           Show:  6:00 until 10:00

   After Show:  10:00 until Midnight


         Pre-Show:  5:00 until 6:00

            Show:  6:00 until 11:00

   After Show:  11:00 until Midnight

                                  Tuesday, December 21

                                                Pre-Show:  5:00 until 6:00

                                                   Show:  6:00 until 7:00

                               JUDY PANCOAST CONCERT AT 7:00

                                          Show: End of Concert until 10:00

                                          After Show: 10:00 until Midnight


                       Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve

                                                Pre-Show:  5:00 until 6:00

                                               Show:  6:00 until Midnight

Today is Wednesday, December 29, 2010.  The show will run from 6-10 Tonight!