Light-O-Rama is the brains behind the show.  They created the software and hardware that the lights connect to that brings them and the music together.  There is a wealth of information about how to get started in this hobby, as well as some of the best customer service available anywhere.
Creative Displays, known in the Christmas community as CDI, is the company that I purchase most of the LED Christmas lights from.  They are very good quality, and come highly recommended.  They usually have a good sale during the first few weeks of the year.
All those bright flashy strobes (the 219 of them) that you see in the display come from here!  They sell lots of accessories for all kinds of Christmas displays, as well as both types of strobes that you see flashing at Coastal Carolina Christmas!
If you live in the Carolinas and are interested in or addicted to holiday decorating of any type to any extent, then you really need to check out this place!  It's a fun group of people dedicated to helping each other out and sharing ideas.  They have a gathering each year.  Visit the website for more information.
The Demented Elf provides a wonderful voiceover service, and is the voice behind many Christmas light shows around the world.  Check him out and see what he can do for you!
More Links to Come
I stumbled across this website back in 1998 one evening as I was up late testing lights when I lived in Louisville, KY.  This is the site that started me toward the display that I have today.  Another group of informative people there to help out.